What Dreams May Come

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Deviltiers starts to cooperate with the production center "GARANT PRODUCTION" (Moscow)

Producer Vladimir Ferapontov


New album DEVILTEARS! or …. Long Live Rock'n Roll!!!

All the musical material for the new album Deviltears is ready, and at the end of November the band starts DEMO recording of new songs.
Stay with us!
Long Live Rock'n Roll !!!


Eddie selects drum sticks Leonty

Eddie became the official representative of Leonty. The company Leonti is one of the best producers of high-quality drum sticks. Official site of Leonti


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Sergey Savin


Misha Gigava


Eddie Khudoverdov


Anton Emelyanov


Sergey Sapukhin


The official date of the Deviltears’ creation is June,1st,2005. From the beginning of its carrier till 2015 the band released 3 albums: “Lenore” 2006 EP (Selfprod), “Night Vendetta” 2010 LP (IROND LTD), “The Keys” 2014 LP (Irond Ltd./M&O Music). 
Up to date, the third full-scale album “What Dreams May Come” is ready, the release is planned on December, 15th, 2016 at Soyuz Music label. 
The Deviltears band was founded 11 years ago and came up to the world after gig with the Swedish doom-metal band Lake of Tears. The first success was followed by 2 LP albums – “Night Vendetta” and “The Keys”, appreciated both by fans and music experts. 
However , the musicians don’t stop working and developing both in music and style, being an outstanding, original and well-recognizable band. 
The new cast of Deviltears presents to its followers the third LP album “What Dreams May Come” dedicated to the cognominal movie with Robin Williams playing the main character. Like the movie, the album is full of mystics and secrets, hidden sense as well as tenderness, autumn melancholy and sensuality of a heartfelt vocal, which is substituted by drive, ‘stadium” compositions, inspiring with its energy and feeling of life. Despite the songs’ differences, one can say with no doubt that the musicians have found their own style with no fear of experiments with different music genres , and have crated an album, in which everyone can find something that is up to him, congenial and feel its soulmates.

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Mixed Up (feat. V.B.A.) - Single

Mixed Up (feat. V.B.A.) - Single

13 July 2017 / Soyuz Rec

  1. It's You (feat. V.B.A.)
  2. When Diamonds Fall Asleep (feat. V.B.A.)
  3. Coming Home (feat. V.B.A.)
What dreams may come

What dreams may come

December 2016 / Soyuz Rec.

  1. What Dreams May Come
  2. Labyrinth
  3. Winter
  4. My Angel Says Nothing II
  5. It's You
  6. Legends of The Fall
  7. When Diamonds Fall Asleep
  8. My World
  9. Runaway
  10. Stay With Me
  11. Coming Home


2016 / Soyuz Rec

  1. Winter
  2. Winter (feat. V.B.A.) [Slow Version]
The Keys

The Keys

October 2014 / IROND CD - December 2016 / Soyuz Rec

  1. Angel
  2. Let Me Die with You
  3. Flashback
  4. Mortal Love
  5. In My Dreams
  6. Freeman
  7. Road Accident
  8. Welcome to My Nightmare Baby
  9. Paradise
  10. You Want Your Freedom
  11. Stayin' Away
  12. Peacemaker
  13. The Mirror in Your Eyes
Night Vendetta

Night Vendetta

October 2010 / IROND CD - December 2016 / Soyuz Rec

  1. Grey Stone Door
  2. Heaven Flight
  3. Night Vendetta
  4. Kill Me Again
  5. Isabel
  6. My Angel Says Nothing
  7. Midnight Fear
  8. Dream Life
  9. Fire Water Love
  10. A Vehement Heart
  11. Night Vendetta
  12. My Angel Says Nothing (orchestra ver.)


2006 EP December 2016 / Soyuz Rec

  1. Intro
  2. Lenore
  3. Haoma
  4. Lethargy (Two bodies in one coffin )
  5. Outro

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