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Teaser for the new single My Game, song release on January 29, 2021 Image

Deviltears has published a teaser for a new song called My Game.
All release details are not scattered. Let's wait for January 29th.
The voice in the chorus belongs to the famous Russian rap artist Basta Listen on Youtube


New single "Моя Игра". Release 01/29/2021

New single "Моя Игра". The song is written on the basis of the legendary track of the same name by Vasily "Basta" Vakulenko, in a new reading from Deviltears. Work on the cover: MAYHEM PROJECT DESIGN The release will take place on 01/29/2021 at UPLIFTO 


Deviltears collaborate with Savage Roberto Zanetti to release a video for the song 'Only You'

Deviltears have unveiled the official video for the cover of the song 'Only You', the cover was recorded in collaboration with the founder of the Savage project Roberto Zanetti. Watch the clip


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Victor Ivanov


Artur Linskiy


Eddie Khudoverdov


Ruslan Hmaruk


Sergey Sapukhin



Deviltears was formed 14 years ago and made a name for itself, appearing on the same stage with the famous Swedish doom metal team Lake Of Tears. The first success was followed by two full-length albums - “Night Vendetta” and “The Keys”, warmly received by both listeners and music experts.

In 2016, the group in an updated composition recorded the third full-length album "What Dreams May Come", which was released on December 15, 2016 on the Soyuz Music label. The album is dedicated to the film of the same name with Robin Williams in the title role. Like the film, this album carries many secrets, mysteries, hidden meanings and, at the same time, is filled with tenderness, autumn melancholy and sensual soulful vocals, which are replaced by truly driving, “stadium” compositions that charge with energy and vitality. Despite the diversity of songs, we can confidently say that the musicians found their style, not afraid to experiment with various musical genres, and created an album in which each listener will find something of their own, similar in spirit and state of mind.

In 2018, the vocalist changes in the group, and Deviltears decide to start work on the first Russian-language album, opening up new horizons for creativity. Unfortunately, at the end of the year some of the participants left the group, as a result of which the work on the material was somewhat delayed. But by the beginning of 2019, the group is gaining a new composition and continues to work. The release of the album is preceded by three singles: “Give me back my heart”, “One hundred roads” and “Seams”, the last of which was recorded in collaboration with the Rostov rap artist The Nek.

Bring My Heart Back is December 3, 2019, opening a new page in the history of Deviltears. The musicians do not stop there, continuing to develop both musically and stylistically, while remaining a bright, original and recognizable team.

At the moment, the group is planning a series of concerts in support of the album, while at the same time starting to think about new material.

Stay with the Deviltears!

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2006 EP December 2016 / Soyuz Rec

  1. Intro
  2. Lenore
  3. Haoma
  4. Lethargy (Two bodies in one coffin )
  5. Outro
Night Vendetta

Night Vendetta

October 2010 / IROND CD - December 2016 / Soyuz Rec/ Flashback 2020

  1. Grey Stone Door
  2. Heaven Flight
  3. Night Vendetta
  4. Kill Me Again
  5. Isabel
  6. My Angel Says Nothing
  7. Midnight Fear
  8. Dream Life
  9. Fire Water Love
  10. A Vehement Heart
  11. Night Vendetta
  12. My Angel Says Nothing (orchestra ver.)
The Keys

The Keys

October 2014 / IROND CD - December 2016 / Soyuz Rec / Flashback 2020

  1. Angel
  2. Let Me Die with You
  3. Flashback
  4. Mortal Love
  5. In My Dreams
  6. Freeman
  7. Road Accident
  8. Welcome to My Nightmare Baby
  9. Paradise
  10. You Want Your Freedom
  11. Stayin' Away
  12. Peacemaker
  13. The Mirror in Your Eyes


2016 / Soyuz Rec

  1. Winter
  2. Winter (feat. V.B.A.) [Slow Version]
What dreams may come

What dreams may come

December 2016 / Soyuz Rec / Flashback 2020

  1. What Dreams May Come
  2. Labyrinth
  3. Winter
  4. My Angel Says Nothing II
  5. It's You
  6. Legends of The Fall
  7. When Diamonds Fall Asleep
  8. My World
  9. Runaway
  10. Stay With Me
  11. Coming Home
Mixed Up (feat. V.B.A.) - Single

Mixed Up (feat. V.B.A.) - Single

13 July 2017 / Soyuz Rec

  1. It's You (feat. V.B.A.)
  2. When Diamonds Fall Asleep (feat. V.B.A.)
  3. Coming Home (feat. V.B.A.)
Верни мне сердце - single

Верни мне сердце - single

10 Sep 2018 / Bomba-Piter

  1. Верни мне сердце
100 дорог - SINGLE

100 дорог - SINGLE

25 December 2018 / Flashback MUSIC

  1. 100 дорог
Deviltears feat The Nek - Швы (SINGLE)

Deviltears feat The Nek - Швы (SINGLE)

19 Feb 2019 / Flashback MUSIC

  1. Швы
Верни мне сердце

Верни мне сердце

03 December 2019 / Flashback MUSIC

  1. Верни мне сердце
  2. Безликие
  3. Агония
  4. По ту сторону горизонта
  5. Изгой
  6. Швы
  7. Дети небес
  8. Лети за мной
  9. Сто дорог
  10. Ливень
  11. В зареве
  12. Открой глаза
  13. Сталкер


2020 June UPLIFTO

  1. Lenore (My Dying Bride)
  2. Night Vendetta
  3. Fire Water Love
  4. Kill Me Again
  5. Esabel
  6. Flashback
  7. You Want Your Freedom
  8. Peacemaker
  9. Angel
  10. What Dreams May Come
  11. Runaway
  12. It's You
  13. Winter
  14. Coming Home
  15. Верни мне сердце
  16. По ту сторону горизонта
  17. Сто дорог
  18. Безликие
  19. Швы


2020 June UPLIFTO

  1. My Angel Says Nothing
  2. Freeman
  3. Staying Away
  4. My Angel Says Nothing II
  5. Stay with Me
  6. When Diamonds Fall Asleep
  7. Агония
  8. Дети небес
  9. В зареве
  10. My Angel Says Nothing (Orchestra version)
Пообещай Мне (Single)

Пообещай Мне (Single)

2020 August UPLIFTO

  1. Пообещай Мне
Deviltears feat Savage - Only You

Deviltears feat Savage - Only You

2020 September UPLIFTO

  1. Only You
Моя Игра

Моя Игра

January 29, 2021 UPLIFTO release

  1. Моя Игра

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